We initially designed artwork to create Santa Cruz Mountains gear to create hoodies for our children for Christmas.  We wanted the best looking, most durable, high quality Santa Cruz Mountains gear we could imagine.  We chose the highest quality American Apparel hoodies and T-shirts we could find.   And added our custom artwork.   We loved the gear we created so much we decided to build this website to share it with others.

The Santa Cruz Mountains are truly an amazing and unique place.  So close to all the innovation and action of Silicon Valley.   Yet such a vast and beautiful wilderness.   Towering redwoods.  Mountain lions.  Banana slugs.  Mountain streams.  Fresh air.   Wineries.   Christmas tree farms.  Great friends and neighbors.  And of course the views of the ocean and Santa Cruz and other beach communities so close on the other side of the mountains.   These are some of the most beautiful roads and trails in the world to drive whether living in the mountains or just visiting.   The Santa Cruz  Mountains are truly a magical place which we hope is reflected in our Santa Cruz Mountains gear.

But life in the Santa Cruz Mountains is NOT all fun and games.    For those of us who have lived here you know EXACTLY what I mean.   LOL  Life in the mountains is not quite like life on flat land only a few miles away.  We built two houses high in the Santa Cruz Mountains from the ground up.  On steep slopes.   Over many winters.   It is both the most beautiful and most difficult and terrifying thing we have ever done.   The terrain is steep and rugged.  The rain in the winter is relentless.   And then there is the mud.  Which sometimes breaks loose and create mudslides.  The towering redwoods swaying high above in 100mph+ winds.  And sometimes the trees break and fall.  And then we cut and chop wood.  Lots of wood.  LOL   Our Santa Cruz Mountains gear was designed to stand up to and reflect  the tough and beautiful conditions of Santa Cruz Mountains life.

About Us

Durable, high quality gear for adventures in the Santa Cruz Mountains and beyond.  Get out and go explore.

About Us

Durable, high quality gear for adventures in the Santa Cruz Mountains and beyond.  Get out and go explore.

Durable, high quality gear...

for adventures in the Santa Cruz Mountains...

and beyond.

Get out and go explore.

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