Doctor, Walks in* closes door.

Grabs paper on the counter. Looks at it, looks at me.

“So, what got you through it? What gets you past rough times?”

…Long pause…

“Was there someone?”



“The only thing that stands out to me, is writing, and art. In fact my biggest project is about taking a monster- and not necessarily forgetting what they did, but being able to sympathize with what happened to them. And wishing, for a happy ending for all.”
-that’s me

I aspire to be nothing like the monsters in my life. I saw what they did. I did not do the same. That’s been my life long goal. Which feels accomplished now with this website I am working on… while not becoming a monster… because of the things that did/didn’t happen.  We all have good and evil in us.

How this all got started…
At first I wanted to tell fairy tale stories backwards and have them be funny. Well the only way to really do that was with sad endings…

Sad people, who lost, and really did the best they could with what they had. Such as a broken heart, odd body, broken mind, and/or a bad childhood…

And what I realized was that was my life. Just like in ‘Disney’s Descendants’. Evil is my background, and is expected of me. I used to wish it wasn’t this way.  Now I just get on with it.

Because, I came from that, to create this,
Therefore, I hope you enjoy Happily Evil After…  Its where I can unleash the dark side, make it funny, or give it that happy ending for all…




Every.Villain.Is.Lemons/Lime (also known as E.V.I.L.) — “meme” spelling out Evil.

All villains are pure lemons.

Some villains are the Yang. The bad, with good in it.

Some villains are just 100% plain evil.

Some villains are forced to become villains, for their own personal survival.

Some villains are made by other villains, led down by / to the darkness to fulfill their goals.

Some of our villains we will feel sympathy for.

Also, “There’s no hero without me.”
– so, something a villain would say.

“The story is: only going to be, as good as I am, at being bad.”
-Evilness villain

“I’m So sweet, I turned sour.”
– Every Villain Is Lemons/Lime

Beautiful princess or a prince charming? Boring! Our villains have a far, far, away, wider range with tons of ranges in activities and moods that can relate to all humans beings.
I can say for one: I have never got to know a real life prince charming. Wanted to be loved and give love yet… And thanks to perspective: I am the villain in someone else’s story (and so are you), because I (we humans) don’t get to narrate their experiences. There is always more sides to each and every story. And more to a story then each will ever tell about out loud… sometimes the villain and hero are one and the same: Who will you get to be today? Really, you can try, but it isn’t up to you, in the end.



Female Villains

Male Villains


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